As usual, we're at the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel. Our rate for reservations made by March 10 is $89 for both regular rooms and poolside cabanas. Afterward, it is $94 for regular rooms and $99 for cabanas.

For regular rooms, you can book online by using this special link or by calling the Sheraton at 952-835-7800 and mentioning Minicon.

To get a cabana (poolside), e-mail our parties head: <>. Some of these are reserved for room parties, but others will be available for the general con-goer.

Getting There

The hotel is at 7800 Normandale Blvd., Bloomington, MN 55439: Google map | MapQuest map | Sheraton map. The hotel is very visible from I-494 and MN-100. Parking is abundant, easy, and free!

It's near bus routes 6K, 540, 542, 578, and 589. However, only the 6K and 540 run on the weekend and only at very limited times. See the Metrotransit website for schedules.

NOTE: The hotel used to also run free shuttle to and from the airport and the Mall of America, but they do not anymore.

The Southdale Transit Center, 3 miles northeast of the hotel, is much better served by busses. Depending on where and when you start, the fastest option might be to take the bus to Southdale and then either walk or cab to us.

From afar

Megabus is a good option for getting to us from out of town. (It's like Greyhound, but cleaner and cheaper. Their routes are more limited, though.) It stops at the 4th Street Parking Garage in downtown Minneapolis and also at the University of MN. From the downtown stop, if the 6K is running:

  1. Walk about 2.5 blocks east Hennepin Ave
  2. Catch the 6K bus southbound: The Sheraton is at the end of the line.


  1. Walk south about 1 block on 2nd Ave to 5th St
  2. Turn left (east) onto 5th St
  3. Walk about 1.5 blocks to the Hiawatha Light Rail stop "Warehouse District/Hennepin Ave"
  4. Take this to the airport, Lindbergh Terminal
  5. Take the hotel shuttle to Minicon