Minicon has a relaxed and diverse gaming culture. You'll see card games, board games, role playing games, computer/video games (we'll have some vintage systems, a PS3 and a Nintendo Wii) and games that defy categorization.

Our gaming room is open 24 hours throughout the convention. (In fact, it has no doors!) We run a number of scheduled events, but there's always plenty of room for open gaming. We have several locals with large game collections who make some part of them available for general use, so drop in and see what interests you!

Gaming Schedule


2 PM: Dominion

4 PM: Agricola

6 PM: Vegas Showdown

8 PM: RoboRally

8:30 PM: Blade & Crown: The Bandit Map: "Bandits have been plaguing the area for years. Now, you have found a scrap of paper that seems to reveal the location of their base. Whether for fame, wealth, or just to do the right thing, you resolve to journey to the highlands and stop them. An RPG, played using the Blade & Crown system."
GM: Rachel Kronick. Up to five players.


10 AM registration, 11 AM start: Magic: The Gathering tournament, Legacy format, in honor of guest of honor Dan Dos Santos

Noon: Giant Settlers of Catan