Committee and how to contact it

By e-mail

All addresses are

  • Chair: chair@ (Joel Phillips)
  • Dealers: dealers@ (Lisa Freitag)
  • Gaming: gaming@ (Matt McMillan)
  • Hotel: hotel@ (Keith Malgren)
  • Parties parties@ (Matt Weiser)
  • Pre-registration: registration@ (Clay Harris)
  • Programming: programming@ (Emily Stewart, head; Eric Heideman, Sharon Kahn, Betsy Lundsten, Lisa S, Kelly Strait)
  • Volunteering: volunteers@ (Matt Strait)
  • Webmaster: webmaster@ (Richard Mueller, Matt Strait)
  • E-mail request@ for all inquiries that don't fall under the above categories. Here's the rest of the commitee (at least those in charge of specific things):
    • Art Show and t-shirt sales: Pete Laughlin (head), Richard Mueller
    • At-con registration: Carol Kennedy and Matt Strait
    • Badges: Bill Christ
    • Bar: Diane Lacey (head), Aaron Vander Giessen (subhead)
    • Bozo Bus Tribune: Thorin Tatge
    • Consuite: Hershey Lima and Stacey Lam (heads), Kevin Austin (subhead)
    • Costuming: Erica Stark (head), Bonnie Somdahl (consulting)
    • Guest Liaison: Anton Petersen
    • Kids' Programming: Bonnie Somdahl (head), Marian Turner (subhead)
    • Logo design: Laramie Sasseville
    • Medallion Hunt: Thorin Tatge
    • Moving truck: Joel Phillips
    • Music: Becca and Graham Leathers
    • Opening and closing ceremonies: Baron Dave Romm
    • Photography: David Dyer-Bennet and Geof Stone
    • Progress Report electronic distribution: David Dyer-Bennet
    • Publications: Laramie Sasseville (head), Rachel Kronick (pocket program)
    • Science Room: Ben Huset
    • Treasurer: Andra St. Arnauld
    • Video Room: Michael Kingsley

By LiveJournal

There is a LiveJournal community for Minicon (comments and conversation before, during, and after the convention) at, and there is also a mnstf LJ community.

By snail mail

Minicon 47
PO Box 8297
Lake Street Station
Minneapolis, MN   55408-0297