Any respectable convention needs food. While it's great to get a few friends/family members together and go stimulate the economy of a nearby restaurant, sometimes you need a little something more convenient. Come to Consuite! Minicon makes feeding you a priority. Free pop (soda), chips, candy, coffee and even veggies. Protein events happen at random times. Fresh coffee comes out around 8 or 9 AM. We never close for snackies or for just hanging out space. Right next door to the bar, but separate with good lighting, less noise & lots of comfy seating.

The consuite is a place to hang out between panels, after hours, or when you don't feel like doing anything else. It will open at 4pm on Friday and will stay open continuously until Sunday at 4pm, at which point it collapses into the bar for the Dead Dog Party.

Want to get in good with the people who have the food? Volunteer in Consuite! We have quick jobs, or a capable member could run the show for an hour or two.

... and Bar

Our bar, adjacent to the consuite, serves additional food as well as a selection of beer, hard cider and wine. (This is not a cash bar; it is included in your membership.) It opens each day somewhere between midday and afternoon, depending on how the previous night went, and is open until we all give up. This includes Sunday night, during which it hosts the Dead Dog party. Note: the drinking age in Minnesota is currently 21. Minors are welcome in the bar, they just can't drink.

The Bar opens at 5pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and stays open until we drop.

The bar is oft-times the site of rogue, and possibly rouge, late-night programming. Beware.


We will have the Dead Dog party in the bar Sunday night, starting at 5pm or when closing ceremonies ends.