Not-Anokon 1

Not-Anokon 1 was a Minnstf fallcon, held 12–14 September 1980.

Gordon R. Dickson was not-GoH. Warren Cartwright chaired it.

Dave Romm has a photo gallery from Not-Anokon 1


After much confusion by the archivist, working from jotted notes and hazy recollections, definite proof has now (2023) been found that it was at the Holiday Inn Capitol, St. Paul. (Not the Kelly Inn, St Paul, which was the other guess.) We have in hand two flyers that say so.


Here are three Not-Anokon badges that don't say what year they are. There have been four Not-Anokons and we have badges for 2 and '85, which don't look like these, so these must be for 1 and 8, but we don't know which is which. One might guess the two pink ones are one year and the orange one is the other.

Two Not-Anokon badges.  One has a dragon and the other has a train.  Both say 'Not-Anokon' and have 'DavE Romm' written in by hand. Another Not-Anokon badge.  It is Denny Lien's, and has a sign with Anokon crossed out, 'by order of the st. paul silliness police', a couple in a car, with the woman saying 'yep, dave, i think we've found it...'


This program, uh, pamphlet, I guess (it's two sheets with one staple, so not a book, not a booklet, but not just a sheet either) is untitled and undated, but given who the chair is and the fact that it doesn't give "Not-Anokon" a number strongly suggests it's for Not-Anokon 1. It also lists a Shockwave show on Saturday, which matches the one below, although I guess it's possible there was also a Shockwave show on Saturday of Not-Anokon 2. The University of Iowa has a copy of this, and they have it cataloged as from Not-Anokon 2. I asked them why, and they said that it's in a folder that says "NotAnoCon 2, St. Paul, Minneapolis, 1981" and that's all they know. I still think it's more likely from Not-Anokon 1.

Small image of the Not-Anokon 1
program pamphlet thingy As a PDF, or as four, page, images, where the last one is very boring.

Similar comments apply to this restaurant guide, which came with the program pamphlet in the University of Iowa collection. It clearly indicates that the hotel is the Holiday Inn, so if we believe which con it is, then we know what hotel it is.


The radio show Shockwave was recorded at Not-Anokon 1. Here's some audio.

The Not-Anokon 1 program book/pamphlet/thing is in the public domain due to having been published between 1 Jan 1978 and 1 Mar 1987 without a copyright notice, nor subsequent registration.