ReinCONation 4

ReinCONation 4 was a Minn-stf fallcon held 9–11 September 1994.

Here is its listing in the September 1994 issue of the Einblatt:

ReinCONation IV (Sept. 9-11). GoH: Alexei & Cory Panshin. Regency Plaza/41 N. 10th St. (Mpls). $30 at the door. Rooms $59.50/night: 339-9311 or 1-800-423-4100.

Program Activity Book

small image of the reinconation 4 activity book cover

I've scanned in the "activity book". However, it is not copyright-clear and it's not going to be a top priority to clear it unless I get a special request. (sez Matt Strait).

If you happen to see the scans, note that they are faithful to the original. The photocopy-smudge effects are there on the paper, too. Page 4 is solid paper; the see-through effect is a trick.


From the sign-in sheets, there were 124 pre-registered members, of which all but about 18 showed up and became warm bodies (it's a bit hard to tell in places how many people signed in). From counting the stack of forms in the archives, it appears there were 66 at the door, for a total of 190 and warm body count of 172ish. The at-the-door count is done by hand with irregular hand-cut forms, so somewhat approximate. The GoH and their family members are included as pre-registered members.


An ad for ReinCONation 4 appeared in the Minicon 29 program book, page 83.

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