Minicon 35 Guests of Honor

Maureen F. McHugh, Writer Guest of Honor
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Maureen F. McHugh burst into the consciousness of the SF world in 1992 with her debut novel China Mountain Zhang, a stunningly well-realized coming-of-age tale set in a future dominated by a resurgent China. It won the Tiptree Award, the Locus Award, and the Lambda Literary Award, and was a finalist for the Hugo and the Nebula. Since then she has published two further novels, Half the Day Is Night and Mission Child, and a variety of short pieces. She won the Hugo Award in 1996 for her story "The Lincoln Train." We're delighted to bring this engaging, friendly, and outstandingly talented writer to Minicon 35.

Lenny Bailes, Fan Guest of Honor
The exciting geek world of Lenny Bailes

Lenny Bailes first entered fandom as a teenager in 1960. Within just a few years, he had become active in both New York and Los Angeles fandoms, co-edited such notable fanzines as Shangri L'Affaires and Quip, and had his brain changed by the advent of psychedelic music and new memes. Following a period of relative gafiation, Lenny re-emerged in the 1980s as a reinvigorated fan, editor of the intermittent but excellent Whistlestar, a gentle but trenchant online commentator, and an organizer of small, high-quality SF conventions. In another but adjacent life, he is a computer journalist and inexhaustibly helpful tech advisor to the masses, and author of several books, most recently Maximizing Windows 98. We're amazed to be the first convention ever to ask this major longtime fan to grace us as Fan Guest of Honor.

John Berkey, Artist Guest of Honor

John Berkey has been creating some of science fiction's greatest cover art for the past 35 years. His impressionistic style is trademark Berkey and his depiction of hardware is second to none. While not as well-known to fans as many newer artists in the field, Berkey is widely admired by his fellow artists; Vincent di Fate has called him "one of the most innovative and influential of science fiction artists." This is the first time John Berkey has been a guest of honor at an SF convention. We're looking forward to honoring him and exhibiting his works at Minicon 35.

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