Minicon 35 Registration

Membership Until 15-Mar-00 At-the-door
Attending $40 $70
Child Attending $15 $30
Supporting $15 N/A
(Convert to Attending at the door: $25)

How to Register

Complete* a registration form [ PDF | Text ] and mail it, along with your membership check payable to Minicon (in US currency on a $US account), to: Minicon 35, PO Box 8297 Lake Street Station, Minneapolis, MN 55408

The registration form is available in the progress reports, on the back of Minicon flyers at various other conventions, and on the Minicon web page. However, we do not have on-line registration, so if you get the form here you'll have to print it out and mail it with your check.

Minicon will send a confirmation of your membership to the address you provide on the registration form. We expect to mail confirmations first class no later than April 1, 2000 (and sooner, we hope; you can help by registering by November 15, 1999, which saves you money, too).

* Registration Form Tricky Bits:
Filling out the Registration form should be pretty simple, but there are a few new features we'd like to point out.

  1. "First Name," "Middle Name/Initial," and "Last Name": Please use the separate fields for your first and last names. You don't have to give us your middle name or initial, but it helps us distinguish quickly between similar names.

  2. Minicon Mailing ID (MMID): If you have received a Progress Report, postcard, or other mailing from us recently, you'll see a string of letters and numbers on the first line of the label -this is your MMID number. It's a randomly assigned ID number, which we hope will help us keep track of people in the mailing list, ensure prompt address updates, and avoid duplication. If you would be so kind as to write this number on your registration form, it will help us a lot.

  3. Email address and all those phone numbers really are optional. However, it sure makes it easier for us to get in touch with you in a hurry if we have to. It's especially nice if you're volunteering for something, since communicating with volunteers is the first step in a happy and healthy relationship with them. Of course, surface mail will work, so you don't actually have to provide any of this information if you don't want to. Further, we'll do our best to respect any preferred time and method of contact notes you make.

  4. Name badge options -more choices this year; see form overleaf for details.

Have you moved?
Please let Minicon know your current address. The hippest way to do this is to register, but you may send us a change-of-address notice if you'd prefer. If you got a PR, remember to include your Minicon Mailing ID number from your address label!

Supporting Memberships
Supporting memberships can be converted to Attending for $25 at the door. If you think you'll come to Minicon but are short of cash right now, a supporting membership is a good way to avoid the high at-the-door rate. And it helps Minicon better estimate how many mem- bers we'll have, so we don't run out of souvenir books or munchies.

Coming to Minicon from a foreign country?
Please send us your completed registration form so we'll know you're coming -we'll even get a membership badge ready for you. However, to save wear-and-tear on the international banking community, fans living outside the US may pay at the door at the pre-registration rate instead of sending money with your registration form. (Please bring proof of foreign residency and pay in US dollars or US-dollar travellers checks.)

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Last Updated: December 8, 1999