Minicon 35 Highlights

Art Show

Minicon hosts a diverse Art Show that includes a print shop, an auction Saturday evening, and a large gallery where you can browse and enjoy the talents of local and regional artists.


We're not sure yet if there'll be a reception, a parade, or a Masquerade Ball, but we know there will be costumes! To get an idea of how incredibly talented the attending costumers might be, check out our album of the Minicon 34 Costume Reception.


Fan activity, or fanac, is all about the things that fans do! These are the things that make Minicon special. Silliness, filking, pubbing ishes, smoffing, debating Trek details, playing games in the consuite with non-existent persons, and much much more. Put on your thinking cap -you know, the one with the twirly bit on top? --and share with us what fanac is important to you.


Richard Tatge will once again be our gaming host. Last year, Gaming was an all-around-the-main-floor thing, contributing greatly to the jovial atmosphere.

Guests of Honor

Maureen F. McHugh, Lenny Bailes, and John Berkey will be joining us for the weekend. Check out their programming items, talk to them in the hallways and consuites. These are all fun, friendly, and interesting people who have made their mark on science fiction and fandom, and we're delighted to have them as our Guests of Honor at Minicon 35.


We will provide plenty of opportunity to delve into interesting conversation while whetting your palate on drink and delectables in both smoking and non-smoking venues.


The sparkle! The glitter! The pictures! The people! A thousand opportunities to spend all your money! No, --it isn't Vegas. It's our Hucksters room, which as usual will carry a wide assortment of books, clothing, jewelry, weaponry, art, toys, and other important food for the growing imagination.

Application information for hucksters is now available online.

Mark Time Award

Minicon is honored to host the presentation of the Mark Time Award by the American Society For Science Fiction Audio (ASFSFA). This award goes to the best science fiction audio production of the year. The award ceremony includes performances and other awards given by the ASFSFA.


Last but certainly not least, there will be programming. What kind of programming? Well, that's at least partially up to you. Submit your ideas and offers to participate to We are aiming for another year of high quality programming focused on (diverse) subjects relating to Science Fiction and fandom.

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Last Updated: August 15, 1999