Minicon 42: And the question was...?


4 people playing a game in the bar

Minicon has a relaxed gaming culture. The room is open throughout the convention for open gaming and there are sometimes even scheduled events. We have several locals with large game collections who make some part of them available for general use, so drop in and see what interests you!

If you are interested in running a scheduled event or even just advertising what games you plan to bring for causal play, please send an e-mail to Matthew Strait at gamingÀTminiconDOTmnstfDOTorg. If you do this sufficiently early, your game will be mentioned in the program book and other people will know about it! If you have specific requirements such as table size/shape, this can be arranged ahead of time.

Games likely to make an appearance at Minicon include card games (Zar, Magic: The Gathering, Corsari), board games (Alhambra, Ticket to Ride, Talisman, Ingenious), role playing games (D&D, Spheres) and the uncategorizable (EPYC). In addition to these electricity-free games, Minicon features a 486 whose primary attraction is the classic Scorched Earth:

Four kids playing Scorched Earth at Minicon 41