Minicon 42: And the question was...?


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Minicon 42 first
floor map: Filk is in 115, parties are on the north side of the pool,
Plaza 1 has programming, Plaza 2 has Music, Plaza 3 has the Bozo Bus 
Tribune, Plaza 4 is the Science Room, Plaza 5 has the Art Show, Plaza
6 has Dealers.

Minicon 42 second
floor map: The Consuite and the Bar are in the east suites overlooking
the pool, parties are in the north rooms overlooking the pool,
Bloomington has programming, there are signings outside Bloomington,
Atrium 1 has Games, Atrium 2 has readings, Atrium 3 has programming,
Atrium 4 has kids' programming, Atrium 5 is unused, Atrium 6 has
programming, Atrium 7 has programming and Atrium 8 is Krushenko's.