The Inn of Four Ravens

Drink and be Merry. Or be Pippen. We don't discriminate.

Minicon Bar


8 PM - Until we fall down
5 PM - Until the night sweeps us away
5 PM - Until we get sleepy
After closing ceremonies for the Dead Dog party

The bar is the companion to the consuite and is located on the second level in a cabana, room 218, overlooking the garden court. In honor of author GoH Janny Wurts we are naming it the Inn of Four Ravens. We will open at 8pm on Thursday evening for the guest of honor reception, and at 5pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. On all four (3½?) days it will stay open into the wee hours until we fall down. Whee!

Beer & cider will be on tap in commercial varieties as well as some lovely homebrew generously donated by a few of our Minicon guests. We will have some wine for the fancy people, and of course we'll be serving blog in both regular and St. Paul flavors.

Friday evening at 6pm, it's the Design-Your-Own-Cocktail Hour courtesy of a supply of weird booze we found somewhere. Stop in before Opening Ceremonies and see what magic you can create. Saturday night at 11:59pm is the return of the SF Pub Quiz. Assemble your team and compete for dealer dollars and other fantastic prizes. Well… for prizes, anyway. And a fleeting sense of accomplishment.

And if you've hit the homebrew with a little too much enthusiasm, we'll have a Recovery Station just outside the bar with a few helpful items to help you start your day — whether that is at 8am or 4pm. You're welcome.

We need volunteers to serve beer, fetch ice and do some light cleaning. There will be a sign-up sheet at the bar, and getting your time slots in early is always appreciated. We'll also be looking for help setting up and tearing down