Minicon 49 Room Parties

Rockin' til the break of dawn.

Room Parties

Minicon's hospitality is legendary and we are joined again this year by many of our favorite (and most social) fan groups — Terry Pratchett's Seamstress Guild, Helsinki in 2017 and Krushenko's are just a few of the parties already signed up for Minicon 49.

If you or your organization would like to throw a party, now is the time to let us know! Please send an e-mail to and let us know your details. Once more, our poolside cabana rooms — at the heart of the convention — are the same price as regular sleeping rooms so book with us now!

Speaking of cabana rooms — not planning to throw an "official" party, but still want to be close to where so much of the con is happening? We reserve a number of cabana rooms for "non-party" groups too. If you want a cabana room, please send your request to and let us know your desires. If you've already used reserved a room online, or through the local hotel reservation desk, please let us know your confirmation number and we can move your reservation to a cabana room.

Note: Booking a room and staying at the con helps us keep Minicon membership rates down and helps keep our hotel costs lower. Please either reserve online, or call 800 222-8733 and use group name "Minicon" and group code "MCD", to book your room and help us ensure meeting our room block!