Minicon 49 Weekend Schedule

When everything is happening.

Be sure to check the programming page for more details on when specific events are happening. The pocket program also contains detailed information about schedule information in a nice printable format.

Schedule Overview

We are planning a full 3½-day weekend of events and activities, and the adjacent days also have many Minicon-related activities. "3½ days" means that we will officially open the convention Thursday evening, and many departments will be open then. Programming and the art/science/dealers room still only run Fri/Sat/Sun, but both start earlier on Friday than in past years. Opening Ceremonies are still on Friday.

Wednesday, April 16
Work party in the evening at Jonathan Adam & Carol Kennedy's house, 3328 Colfax Ave S, Minneapolis, starting at 6pm. Open to anyone willing to help out.
Thursday, April 17
Move-in (see volunteering). Registration open 7-10pm for both preregistered and at-the-door members. Consuite and bar open at 8pm provided we get enough volunteers to complete move in. Each stays open until we fall down. Rumpus room opens at 3pm and Cinema Obscura shows a film at 8pm. There will be open gaming and open music. The first Pirates and Airships appear.
Friday, April 18
Registration open 10am-10pm. Programming runs 2:30pm-11pm. Consuite opens at noon and stays open continuously through Closing Ceremonies on Sunday. Bar open 5pm-late. The art/science/dealers room is open 1-7pm. Opening Ceremonies are at 7pm. Gaming, music and parties continue into the night.
Saturday, April 19
Registration 9:30am-8pm. Programming 10am-11pm. Consuite open all day. Bar open 5pm-late. The art/science/dealers room is open 10am-6pm. Gaming, music and parties continue into the night.
Sunday, April 20
Registration 9:30-4pm. Programming 10am-5pm. The art/science/dealers room is open 11am-4pm. We move most of the con out after Closing Ceremonies, 4-5pm, then have the Dead Dog Party in the Minicon Bar.
Monday, April 21
Final move-out in the morning. Dessicated Dodo Party at Scott and Irene Raun's, 3928 11th Ave S, Minneapolis, starting at 6pm.
Saturday, April 26
Post-mortem meeting & Devonian Ductina Party at Joel and Beth Phillips', 6323 Excelsior Blvd, St Louis Park, starting at 4pm.