Minicon 49 Consuite

Come in and eat before we both starve.

Food and Drink


8 PM - Until we fall down
Opens at noon
All day
Closes after closing ceremonies

Minicon makes feeding you a priority. Where is the food? It's in Consuite. Room 216, 2nd floor cabana, it's next to the bar. While it's not 3 square meals a day, there is a constant supply of snacks & caffeine: coffee, tea, soda (pop), chips, chocolate, candy, even veggies. "Protein Events" happen at random times, though PB & J, trail-mix & hard boiled eggs are always available.

We are open at noon on Friday and we don't close until 4pm on Sunday, at which point it collapses in to the bar (room 218) for the Dead Dog Party. Additionally, in honor of our half-day, Thursday, we'll open at 8pm (assuming set-up work is done enough) and close when we're too tired, much later Thursday PM.

Are you one of those great people who like to help out at a party? Volunteer in Consuite! We have quick jobs, or a capable member could run the show for an hour or two. We'd be ever so grateful, you'd enjoy being involved. Just talk to Hershey or Ann in Consuite.