Minicon 22

Minicon 22 was held 17–19 April 1987 at the Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington). Guests of honor were David Brin (pro), Fred Haskell (fan), Erin McKee (artist), and Jerry Stearns (music). Robert Bloch was toastmaster. Diane Duane, Jane Yolen, and Ellen Kushner were honored guests. The executive committee was David Dyer-Bennet, Joel Halpern, Scott Imes, Gin Nelson, and Martin Schafer.


There were 1566 pre-registrations. This comes from a handwritten sheet headed "early stats", and is confirmed by a list of members with 1561 entries. It is undated, but there were five copies, which suggests it was the final or near-final list. The 5 member discrepancy probably represents last-minute additions couted as pre-regs. Figure includes supports.

According to "RUN! IT'S GROWING!", "An Apazine for Minneapa on the subjects of Minicon and Minn-stf by Don Bailey": "approximately 1950 people attended Minicon, an increase of over 400 people over 1986. We don't know why there was such an increase but it happened."

The registration cash-in forms show 434 adult at-the-door memberships, 37 child at-the-door, 9 "pre-reg specials", 5 "other", and 141 converts. There are some ambiguities — forms without labeled rows, but probably given in the same order as previous forms… but not all forms have the same number of rows — but that's close, at least. This totals to 485 at-the-door, not counting conversions, but counting "pre-reg specials". And that gives a total membership of 2046. This could be consistent with "approximately 1950 people attended" if that means warm bodies and/or doesn't count children. Aha! And the post-mortem notes say 2042 total members, including comps, with 1950 attending, so that definitely means warm bodies.

Let the record show that our best understanding is: 1566 pre-reg, 2042 total, about 1950 warm bodies.

Program Book

small Minicon 22 program book cover

Here is a PDF of the whole book (24 MB).

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Scans are available here in two qualities and file sizes. The first column has the raw scans. Most people want the second column, in which the files have been substantially cleaned up to remove the grain of the paper, bleed through from adjacent pages, etc. The PDF above was generated from the second column.

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Most of the Minicon 22 program book is in the public domain due to having been published between 1978 and March 1989 without a copyright notice nor subsequent copyright registration.

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Here's a video including images of some of the button badges used in this Minicon era.


Here's the t-shirt, front and back, respectively:

Small image of the front of the Minicon 22 t-shirt Small image of the back of the Minicon 22 t-shirt

Con reports

Here is Teddy Harvia's cartoon con report.