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Convention proposals and other expenses

If you would like to run a convention, the board needs a formal written proposal. A proposal should be submitted at a board meeting, or by email to

To propose a convention, start by reading the "Conventions" section of the bylaws. In brief, Minnstf has very loose rules for what conventions we run, how they are run, and what they must be like. It delegates almost all decisions to the chair or executive committee provided you can get the board to approve your convention.

The board may solicit bids when it wants a convention run (most notably, Minicon), but you can also pitch an idea without invitation. For a good chance of success, the board suggests that proposals include:

It is OK to approach hotels and/or possible GoHs before your convention is approved, but you must be clear with them that your convention is not yet approved and that you are just exploring.

Officially (and financially) every Minn-stf con is independent of other Mnstf cons (e.g. Minicon 973 is independent of Minicon 974). But there are social things to account for. If you propose to run a convention named Somecon N+1, you aren't obligated to do anything similar to Somecon N. However, if you want to make changes, you should be sure that your department heads are OK with them if you wish them to carry on from N to N+1. The board may also have opinions.

Accepted proposal for Decongestant 4

Accepted proposal for Minicons 51 and 52

Accepted proposal for Decongestant 1

Accepted proposal for METHOD Con 2

Accepted proposal for Minicon 50

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Accepted proposal for Minicon 48