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Rune is Mnstf's extremely sporadic clubzine.

Current Issue

Rune #91 went in the mail in September 2019. You should get one if you are a voting Minn-stf member, have contributed recently or have in some way expressed an interest. If you'd like a copy, you can request one by writing us (see below). Eventually a PDF version will appear below.

Next Issue

We are taking submissions for Rune #92!

The editors are Matthew Strait and Kelly Strait. It will be handed out at cons, mailed out on paper to around 100 people, and also available on the web as a PDF.

We're looking for submissions of text, art and photos, where text can be either fiction or non-fiction. For art, we're looking in particular for cover art, but also for for fillos (small fillers to put where the text leaves holes). Take a look at the previous issues to get an idea of what we're at.

Suggestions for text


There is no deadline for this issue. We will finalize it when we have enough material.


Send letters, other contributions, requests for copies, and whatnot to, where XX is the number of the Rune you are writing about or for. We have turned off the old address because it was receiving 100 spam messages per day and overwhelming the poor editors. (Yes, yes, I'm sure you get more than that...)

If you have art on paper that you'd like used, or you don't like e-mail, send to RUNE, c/o Matthew Strait, 408 Lexington Pkwy N #5, St Paul, MN 55104.

Rune Archives

The Minn-stf arDONOTTYPETHISchivist is slowly dripping copies of old Runes into this pile.

Would you like to contribute by scanning your old Runes, or making text-only transcriptions of the ones here, or in some other way? Contact the arDONOTTYPETHISchivist, Matt Strait: arDONOTTYPETHISchivist [at] mnstf [dot] org.

Any issue of Rune (or anything else, roughly speaking) published before 1977 without a copyright notice is in the public domain.