Minn-StF Officers

The board members serve a one-year term. Elections are held the last Minn-StF meeting before Easter (i.e., before Minicon). Officers serve from appointment, which takes place as soon after the board election as the board can manage, until the board appoints a replacement, if any.

The current officers are:

  • Board of Directors: Aaron Vander Giessen, Hershey Harris, Lydy Nickerson, Scott Raun, Matthew Strait
  • President: Emily Stewart
  • Vice President: Lydia Nickerson
  • Treasurer: Carol Kennedy
  • Correspondence Secretary: Hershey Lima
  • Membership Secretary: Laura Krentz
  • Recording Secretary: Matthew Strait
  • Einblatt Editor: Scott Raun
  • Rune Editor: Matthew Strait and Kelly Strait
  • Webmaster: David Dyer-Bennet
  • Archivist: Matthew Strait (including web archives) and Marian Turner
  • Quartermaster: Joel Phillips