Minn-StF Events Mailing List

Events is a moderated list intended mostly for announcements. The club also has a general discussion list. Information about it can be found here.

Subscription Information

To subscribe, unsubscribe, see a list of subscribers, see the archives, or adjust your subscription, you'll want to visit http://lists.mnstf.org/listinfo.cgi/events-mnstf.org.

The Events e-mail list distributes information about events of interest to Minn-STF members. These posts include:

- Event announcements

The "Who, What, Where, When" of an event that MN-Stf members would enjoy attending or would otherwise like to know about. See Einblatt for the types of events one might announce.

- Event invitations

Events that others might like to participate in having a shorter time frame than is typical for Einblatt. (e.g., "Does anyone want to see 'Great Skiffy Movie' on Friday at 7:00 p.m. at the MOA?" or "We're going for dessert in 15 minutes. Join us!")

- Event updates

Changes to event information that could not make it into Einblatt. (e.g., "The meeting time has changed to ..." or "We have a host for the next meeting after all.")

- News

Information of immediate interest such as births, accidents, funerals, etc.

- Event planning

Let the membership know one is planning to attend an event. Coordinate rides, ticket purchases, food and drink contributions, and so forth. Also welcome: Reports of pertinent information about the event or venue (that club was very smoky last time, the bathroom lines are very long there, etc.)

- Event reviews

Reports of the event for those who missed it from those who didn't.

List Rules

To keep list on track and pertinent, the following types of posts are not permitted:

- Crossposting

Crossposting is not allowed. Do not post a message to this list and to any other list. Those who wish to receive mail about club functions should subscribe to this list.

- Arguing

When replying to the list, be certain your reply adds pertinent information about an event. If you think you are arguing, you probably are, so stop. If you think other people might think you are arguing, even though you yourself are convinced that you are not, you probably are, so stop. If you can't help yourself, take it to private email.

- General discussion

Events is not a venue for discussing politics or ideologies, attempting to convince others of your viewpoint, attempting to discover what others' viewpoints are, making or scoring points, refuting, denying, well-thought-out position statements, explanations of what you meant, or carrying on at length. Again, if you can't help yourself, take it to private email. Posts of this sort are not permitted, and should anyone make such posts they may find themselves moderated.

Karen has a few words about moderation

The events list is owned by Karen Cooper, and run with the aid of a team of moderators. It is not a democracy. I have no wish to limit the ability of anyone to post to the list but reserve the right to do so. In order to keep the list on its chartered function, individual members or the entire list may be moderated at any time. Any messages not permitted for distribution will receive an individual reply from a moderator.

Moderating a mailing list requires subjective judgement. Not all moderators will have the same reaction to all posts, and a post you may have thought was acceptable might be rejected. A post might be approved which someone else might have rejected. The Golden Rule definitely applies here, especially when we make mistakes. Too, I may declare a thread closed at any time. Should I do that, I'll expect the list membership to stop posting on that topic.

If you wish to discuss a post that has been rejected or anything about the list, bring those concerns directly to me. Please call me. I'm in the Minn-stf directory and the phone book. Or e-mail me and I'll send you my phone number. I will not be able to make lengthy replies to any questions via e-mail, but call and we'll talk it over. I simply cannot expect to be able to do a lot of typing due to tendon and nerve irritation in my right arm.

Karen Cooper, list owner <karenc @ visi.com>

These five comprise the moderators team:
Shaun Kelly <spk @ impsec.net>
Peter Hentges <jbru @ mac.com>
Rachael Lininger <daedala @ daedala.net>
betsy lundsten <kallisti @ visi.com>
David Schroth <DavidSchroth @ worldnet.att.net>

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