Art Show

Dear Artist:

Thank you for your interest in Minicon 43’s art show, held Easter weekend (March 21-23, 2008) as usual. As always, we hope to see your works as well as yourself this year. Please review the art show rules below, which include details about mailing in art, and use the Minicon Art Show forms here, including the Art Show Control Sheet, Print Shop Control Sheet, and Bid Sheets, to make things easier for everyone. All the forms are in Adobe PDF format and can be read and printed using, e.g., Adobe Reader. If you have any questions or further requests, please let us know at <artshow at minicon43 dot mnstf dot org>.

Pat Scaramuzza
Minicon 43 Art Show Coordinator

Art Show Rules

Minicon is a Science Fiction/Fantasy oriented convention, so please keep this in mind when sending your work.

Art that is not for sale may be entered in the Art Show. Walk-in artists are accepted and encouraged. There is a $0.50 per piece hanging fee for art entered in the Art Show. PLEASE NOTE: there is also an additional $5.00 charge for artists who mail in their work to cover additional handling expenses.

There will be a Print Shop area for prints and reproductions. No more than 5 copies of any one work of art may be submitted. No hanging fee is charged for print shop items. Print shop items are sold through direct sale only, not by bid.

Hanging space is available on first-come, first served basis. Artists who come help set up the Art Show get first choice of hanging space. Art Show setup will commence after 10am on Friday, March 21st. There is also table space for three-dimensional pieces.

Multiple originals, when the medium allows them, may be displayed in the Art Show. This must be clearly described on the Display Art and Print Shop control sheets and bid sheets.

Minicon receives a 10% commission on all art sold through the Art Show and Print Shop. Checks will be mailed to the artists (or their agents if so requested when the art is checked in/mailed in) within four weeks after the end of the convention.

Only the artist or agent checking art in can check unsold art out again, unless otherwise stated clearly to the art show coordinator (or designated volunteer) at check-in. Also, art cannot be checked out of the Art Show until Sunday. Once art is hung, it remains on display until the close of the Art Show on Saturday.


Mail-in art must be sent to:

DreamHaven Books
912 West Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408

All packages must be clearly marked as artwork for the Minicon 43 Art Show. Mail-in art must be sent in sturdy reusable shipping containers. The deadline for receiving mail-in art at the above address is Wednesday, March 19th.

Art not sold at the convention may be picked up on Sunday of the convention for attending artists/agents. Mail in art will be mailed back Monday via USPS unless otherwise requested by the artist. If payment for hanging fees, postage, and any shipping insurance the artist may request is not provided by the artist and is not covered by sales, then the Art Show Coordinator will retain the art and contact the artist to make other arrangements. There is no Saturday artist check-out.

Permission to use copyrighted characters, when required, is the responsibility of the artist, not of Minicon. Minicon will cooperate with legitimate efforts to enforce copyrights. Security will be provided by Minicon staff while the Art Show is open, and will be secured at night. This is not a guarantee of safety, but it is a truly sincere attempt.

And as always - Mars Needs Women, er, We Need You! - The Art Show and auction are run entirely by volunteer help, and anything you can do is greatly appreciated. E-mail <volunteers at minicon43 dot mnstf dot org> for more information.