Minicon is a totally volunteer run convention. Thanks to the following for sacrificing nights and weekends to bring it to fruition:

  • General Concom: Jennifer L. Anderson (a.k.a. Seven), Greg Ketter, Erin McKee, Mark Richards, Richard Tatge, and probably others who I have forgotten
  • Art Show: Pat Scaramuzza (coordinator), David Wilford
  • Badges: Bill Christ
  • Chairs: Keith Malgren, Matthew Strait
  • Consuite/Bar/Hospitality: Beth Phillips, Joel Phillips
  • Costuming: Bonnie Somdahl
  • Dealers: Lisa Freitag
  • Gaming: Kevin Austin
  • Green Room: Karen Cooper
  • Guest Liason: Andra St. Arnauld
  • Kids’ Programming: Marian Turner
  • Music: Chas Somdahl
  • Parties: Kelly Strait
  • Programming: Rachel Kronick (head), Lisa Freitag, Lydy Nickerson
  • Publications: Sharon Kahn, Keith Malgren
  • Registration: Peer Dudda, Carol Kennedy
  • Sales/Volunteers: Marilee Layman
  • Treasurer: Seth Breidbart
  • Video Room: Will Pell
  • Web: Ethan Sommer, Matthew Strait

Photo by Ben Huset: Intergalactic Squash poster with word balloon 'Do Not Eat Your Veggies'