Nate Bucklin

Fan: Nate Bucklin

Nate Bucklin came to the Twin Cities in 1966 to attend college. Minnesota fandom and music would never be the same. A regular gathering of Nate and fannish friends became (somewhat) formalized and the Minnesota Science Fiction Society (Minn-StF) was born.

Although Nate is a published writer, was a long time contributor to APAs and a member of the Scribblies, he is more widely known for his music both in and outside the SF community. He was influenced in early life by the music of Brazil and Argentina and later by American folk and rock. With finely crafted lyrics from his literary side, he has produced a catalogue of songs both joyful and moving. His involvement with Minn-StF always has included music, helping to establish a musical tradition unequaled elsewhere in fandom.