Share a Room

Already have a hotel room and willing to share? Hoping to stay at the hotel all weekend but can’t afford your own room? If you’d like to share a room with someone else, please use the comments system below to negotiate with your fellow Minicon members.

Some ideas for things you might want to list:

  • If you want a smoking room
  • If you snore or mind snoring
  • If you’re a light sleeper

The convention does nothing to make sure that any offers here are genuine and takes no responsibility for anything whatsoever - so be careful.


Comment on September 13th, 2007.

Hello all my name is Michael Schaefer i have not bein to mincon in many years because i am currently living in texas but i plan on attending this upcoming con and just wanted to see if there was anybody out there that rembers me i.e corwin or anybody else.Email me anyone that remembers me if ya want to.

Tony von Krag

Comment on February 25th, 2008.

I’d like to share a room for the weekend. I’m a good room-mate & only snore a lil bit *grin*