Books, artwork, jewelry, games and gaming supplies, comics, clothing, handcrafts, music, movies, hats, bags, scarves, shawls, creatures, cards, t-shirts, buttons, magazines, toys, figurines, calendars, songbooks, dragons, and poetry; we could go on, but you get the idea. All these things and more can be found in the Minicon Dealers’ Room, so be sure to indulge in some browsing.

At Minicon this year, we will have:

  • Lev Bronshteyn: Russian SF, military books, Russian comic books
  • Lady Dragon’s Treasures: handcrafted beaded jewelry
  • Larry’s Games and Stuff: new and used boardgames, RPG and collectable card games
  • David Christenson: new and used books and DVDs
  • Thompson Productions: games and miniatures, comics, t-shirts, anime DVDs, RPG books
  • Sam’s Dot Publishing: small press books, chapbooks, and magazines
  • Hedgehog and Otter Books: art, history, religion, literary criticism
  • Lioness: jewelry and beads
  • Laramie Sasseville and Bonnie: handmade treasures
  • MO’R Designs: beads, jewelry, crystals, meteorites, ancient artifacts
  • DreamHaven Books

A dealer at Minicon 42 who is selling lots of stuff, notably a tie-dye Dr. Who t-shirt

Dealer tables are available at a rate of $45 per 2.5 × 6 foot table. (This price does not include membership to the convention.) Dealers interested in reserving a table should e-mail <dealers at minicon43 dot mnstf dot org>.