Shawna McCarthy

Editor: Shawna McCarthy

Shawna Lee McCarthy is well-known both as an editor and as a literary agent. From 1983 through 1985, she edited Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. While there, Shawna edited four anthologies of stories from the magazine: Isaac Asimov’s Wonders of the World (1982), Isaac Asimov’s Aliens & Outworlders (1983), Isaac Asimov’s Space of Her Own (1984), and Isaac Asimov’s Fantasy! (1985).

In recognition of her talents, Shawna won the 1984 Hugo Award for Best Professional Editor, and has been nominated twice since. After leaving Asimov’s, Shawna joined Bantam, and during her time there co-edited the first two volumes of Full Spectrum with Lou Aronica. Today, Shawna splits her time as an independent literary agent and as editor of Realms of Fantasy magazine.