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peeps and M+Ms at Minicon 43

The Minicon consuite is a place to hang out between panels, after hours, or when you don't feel like doing anything else. It features a wide assortment of snacks, drinks and comfortable seating.

Officially the consuite is open continuously from early Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. Practically speaking, usually the last conscious and coherent person gives up around 6am each "night", so it will probably close briefly each early morning before opening early for breakfast.

Pizza and other significant food items arrive in the consuite from time to time. While we don't recommend trying to sustain yourself for three days solely on consuite food, a sufficiently thrifty fan can get by with only one or two dinners out.

Minicon 43 bar

... and Bar

Our bar, adjacent to the consuite, serves additional food as well as a selection of beer, hard cider and wine. (This is not a cash bar; it is included in your membership.) It is open continously throughout the con, including through closing ceremonies and Sunday night to host the Dead Dog party. Note: the drinking age in Minnesota is currently 21. Minors are welcome in the bar, they just can't drink.

consuite spread at Minicon 42

The bar is oft-times the site of rogue late-night programming. Beware.