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Miscellaneous Info

Minicon is pet friendly

Ben, a dog, sleeping at Minicon 43 with a balloon

Minicon and the Sheraton welcome your pets! Please feel free to bring along your (well behaved) cat or dog.

Of course, we know that some people don't like or are allergic to cats and dogs. The pets that attend generally stay in the consuite or room parties. If you'd like to visit the consuite free of pets, please let us know a bit ahead of time and we will hide them away. The same goes for any other con function.


Freebie table at Minicon 43

Q: Can I distribute my (or my organization's) flyers or free stuff at Minicon?

A: Yes! We will have several tables set aside for this purpose. We have no restriction on the subject material of these flyers, but keep your audience in mind. Usually seen are registration forms for other conventions, advertisements for game dealers, SF/F books/movies, pamphlets on political/social issues encountered by fen, etc.

If you're attending, you can put your materials out yourself. If not, you can mail them to: Minicon 44, PO Box 8297, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis, MN 55408. If mailing after our last pre-reg deadline (March 15), it'd be a good idea to e-mail <request at minicon 44 . mnstf . org> to let us know that we need to check the mail. Your flyers must arrive by Tuesday April 6. After that, we'll be too busy to check the PO box.

Probably 30-50 flyers is enough for the weekend, but of course it depends on how awesome your topic is. :-)

Useful PDA stuff

Minn-StF board member Dean Gahlon has written excellent Palm programs for keeping track of program items and room parties at conventions, those programs available from his Palm software website. Suitable for use at any con, not just Minicon.

dueling light saber kids