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Other area conventions

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CONvergence: The area's largest SF/F convention, CONvergence follows the same basic format as Minicon: Panels, consuite, parties, and so forth. It is held in the very same hotel as Minicon over July 4th weekend. CONvergence website.


Marscon: Another general purpose Twin Cities SF/F convention, again with the same basic format as Minicon and CONvergence. Marscon is also held in Bloomington, but at the Holiday Inn Select in late February/early March. Marscon website.

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Diversicon: A small convention focusing on SF/F diversity — of culture, fan groups and media — held annually in August. Diversicon website.

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Convivial: The mnstf relaxacon. "Relaxacon" means that we take an ordinary convention and remove the stressful parts. What's left is a really good consuite and just a smidgin of programming. CONvivial is held in October or thereabouts. Convivial website.


These conventions draw much of the same crowd as science fiction/fantasy conventions do, but have significantly different focus.

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Con of the North: A gaming convention held in early February. Con of the North is strictly gaming — no consuite, no panels. Con of the North website.

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Anime Detour: A — you guessed it — anime convention in Saint Paul. Anime Detour website.

Arcana's A

Arcana: A horror convention held in Saint Paul in October. Arcana website.

Even more!

Hungry for more? Willing to travel a bit? There are conventions all over, the nearest ones out of town being usually in Iowa, Madison, and Chicago. Here's a list of regional conventions.