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Music at Minicon

Nate Bucklin plays guitar and sings at Minicon 43

Music at Minicon includes both concerts and music circles that run well into the wee hours.

Concert Schedule

Concerts are in the Shipside room, behind the hotel bar.

Times should be final, but in case of doubt, the pocket program takes precedence over this list. (And the sign at Shipside takes precedence over the pocket program.)

Friday April 10

8:00 pm – Peggy O'Neill

Mix together driving visions and hopeful dreams, toss in a bit of Blues, Jazz and Contemporary Folk. Peggy O'Neill is able to bring this recipe together with a beautiful voice and a lot of heart.

Peggy was a 1996 nominee for "Female Vocalist of the Year," by the Minnesota Music Academy and has been active in the Folk Alliance Midwest Region. She has opened for national acts such as Dar Williams. Her songs have been covered by Dandelion Wine and Riverfolk. Widely known in Midwest folk and filk circles, Peggy returns to Minicon to open a fine weekend of concerts.

9:00 pm – Graham Leathers

Graham Leathers will make you smile; more likely than not he will make you laugh out loud. He collects and writes fun and clever songs, often with an odd twist. "Don't Swear at Machinery" and "Chocolate Is a Vegetable" will creep into your head days from now. This is not to say he can't come up with serious and poignant as well; "Nantucket Sleighride" and "Isolation," are fine examples. All of those songs are from his first CD, "Reality Check." We will be treated to songs from his latest CD, "Bears All", as well.

A longtime resident of Winnipeg, he is one of us now. He's made home in Minneapolis. We get to keep him!

Saturday April 11

6:00 pm – Adam Stemple

Adam Stemple is another face (and voice) familiar to Minicon attendees. A twenty-year veteran of the Minneapolis music scene he has also had a connection with local fandom all that time as well. With Cats Laughing, Boiled In Lead and most recently the Tim Malloys, Adam has established himself as a master guitar player, songwriter and record producer.

Lately we have seen Adam at Minicon as an author. This year we welcome him back to our stage for what promises to be a truly outstanding , entertaining, and energetic show.

7:00 pm – Nate & Louie Bucklin

After five decades of making, writing and sharing music, the greater part of it in the Twin Cities, there can't be many reading this who don't already know Nate's music. If you are one of those, you are in for a treat. So are the rest of us.

Expect cleverly crafted Lyrics and outstand music. Joined in this performance by his wife and musical partner, Louie Spooner Bucklin, we present Minicon 43 Fan Guest of Honor, Nate Bucklin. Don't miss this one!

8:00 pm – Teresa Chandler

We welcome Teresa Chandler to her first Minicon.

From reviews of her CD "Druthers" at CDBaby

"Teresa has a marvelous coloratura voice which she puts to good use. Druthers is listed as 'Jazz', not 'Folk', and the cuts range from Country Swing to Bluesy Torch songs."

"If you've ever seen her in concert, you know what heart and soul she pours into her songs... A versatile song writer, and amazing singer."

Come see what they are talking about, you won't be disappointed. Maybe she'll do her song about sleep.

9:00 pm – Riverfolk

Featuring the vocal and guitar harmonies of Becca Leathers and Chas Somdahl, Riverfolk plays a mix of folk-flavored tunes old and new. This includes songs that are familiar, songs that are less than familiar and originals. They bring in a little blues, country and even a couple of showtunes. The fun they have playing together seems to be contagious and is shared by their audiences as well.

Minicon 44 marks Riverfolk's seventh consecutive appearance at Minicon. They must know somebody.

Questions? E-mail music@minicon44·mnstf·org.