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Queen of 
Candesce cover art for Minicon 44 t-shirt

Minicon 44 t-shirts featuring the art of Stephan Martiniere (shown to the right or above) will be for sale at Minicon 44.

Check out our selection from past years' conventions below.

Minicon 43

Minicon 43 t-shirts have artwork by GoH Wayne Barlowe on the front:

Minicon 43 t-shirt art: God's Demon by Wayne Barlowe

Minicon 40, 41, 42

M40 shirts are black with art by GoHs Fastner & Larson on the front:

Art by Fastner and Larson: Death of Rats, Death of Cheeses

Minicon 41 shirts are black with  art by GoH John Picacio on the front:

Art by John Picacio

Minicon 42 shirts are black with  art by GoH Charles Vess on the back:

Tapping the Dream Tree by Charles Vess

Minicon 31, 32, 33

Minicon 33, front and back:

M33 T-shirt front: a dragonish thing looking over the text 'Minicon 33' M33 T-shirt back

Minicon 32, front:

M32 T-shirt front

Minicon 31, front:

M31 T-shirt front: a futuristic logo