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You can preregister for Minicon before March 15 or register at the door. Preregistering is the cheaper option! You also will get a nice preprinted badge. We like it because it helps us plan for space, food and other budgetary matters. Don't forget to get a hotel room before March 19 (now extended to April 5), too.

[Pre-registration is closed.]

Register at the Door

Registration Hours

The registration desk will be open:

Friday: 10am-10pm
Saturday: 9:30am-8pm
Sunday: 9:30am-11am

Outside of these hours, you can register by going to the bar, room 218, above the pool. Let the badger outside the consuite/bar hallway let know that you need to register.

You may be interested in seeing the list of people who are pre-registered.

For Minicon 45 pre-registration, see the Minicon 45 site.

Have questions about Minicon registration? Need to know some nitty gritty policy detail? See this page or e-mail registration@minicon44·mnstf·org.